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Nutcracker International Television Contest for Young Musicians

Nutcracker International Television Contest for Young Musicians

Regulations of the 12th Nutcracker International Television Contest for Young Musicians
1 - 8 November, 2011

Section 1. Core Elements

The Nutcracker International Television Contest for Young Musicians (hereinafter referred to as the “Contest”) is organized by VGTRK and Kultura TV Channel.

The mission of the Contest is to attract the public attention to the children’s music education, to find young gifted musicians able to continue the best performing traditions in the 21st century and to provide them with various opportunities for their artistic potential realization:
• entering the best music schools;
• collaboration with leading orchestras and conductors;
• participation in different concerts and festivals.

The 11th Nutcracker International Television Contest for Young Musicians shall be held on 1 - 8 November, 2011.

The Contest is limited to solo performance of classical music in the following fields:
• Piano;
• Strings (violin, cello, harp);
• Winds (except for block flute) and percussions.

The Contest consists of a preliminary Round (based on video recordings) and three public Rounds.
During the I and the II Rounds each contestant shall perform solo or with accompanist. In the III Round contestants shall perform with orchestra.
The running order shall be determined by lot before the I Round and shall be adhered to the whole Contest.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the running order in the III Round and in its television version.
The Opening Ceremony shall take place with the Symphony Orchestra on 1 November 2011 at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.

The I and the II Rounds shall take place  at the Concert Hall of the Central Music School of Moscow Tchaikovsky State Conservatory. I and II Contest Rounds shall be recorded by Kultura TV Channel.

The III Round shall take place with the  Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra on 8 November 2011 at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall and will be broadcasted live.

All finalists shall get 2 - 4 complimentary tickets to the III Round.

Section 2. Contestants

The Contest is open to young musicians born on or after 8 November, 1997.

The contestants (48 people, 16 in each category) shall be chosen by the Selection Committee after considering the received recordings.

The Selection Committee composed of professional musicians shall evaluate submitted recordings by awarding points out of ten.

Notices to the contestants shall be sent after September 20, 2011. Each admitted applicant shall get an invitation with the arrival date and accommodation information.

In case of inability to take part in the competition, the contestant shall be replaced by an applicant who outpointed in his category.

16 contestants in each category shall be admitted to the I Round.
8 contestants in each category shall be admitted to the II Round.
3 contestants in each category shall be admitted to the III Round.

Musicians who have won the first prize in any previous edition of the Contest shall be unable to participate in the Nutcracker 2011 and in any future edition with the same instrument.

Section 3. Application Procedure

To participate in the Contest the following documentation should be provided:

• application form which is available at the Kultura TV Channel website (get the .doc file>>);
• biography which should contain the information about participation in other contests (exact name, year, place and the result), hobbies and most interesting events in the contestant’s life;
• 1 photo (color, 9x13 or 10x15) with the applicant’s name written in block letters overleaf;
• birth certificate’s verified copy;
• recording of the contestant’s performance (a maximum of 20 minutes on VHS/DVD) which should include works of different epochs, genres and music forms. The contestant is not obliged to perform the recorded works in the Contest.
• performance program which should include full names of the authors, exact titles of the pieces, opuses numbers, parts numbers and length of each work (see Section 4 – Performance Program).

The complete package of documents should be sent to the Contest by 10 August, 2011.

The date when it is forwarded should be determined by postal stamp. Incomplete applications should not be accepted. The delivered materials shall not be returned.

Any applicant gave inaccurate or misleading information should be disqualified.

Address of the Contest:
The Nutcracker International Television Contest for Young Musicians
Kultura TV Channel
Music Department
Malaya Nikitskaya Str., 24
123995, Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7(495) 780 56 61
Tel/fax: +7(495) 780 56 80

Section 4. Performance Program

The repertoire which is entirely free choice of contestants should be played by heart. No work should be repeated in subsequent Rounds.

• The program of the I Round shall include two various works: cantilena and virtuoso piece. The performance duration shall not exceed 7 minutes.
• During the II Round each contestant shall perform one or more music pieces, the choice being free. Each contestant shall be given a maximum performance time of 7 minutes.
• In the III Round each contestant shall be accompanied by the symphony orchestra. The performance shall last a maximum of 7 minutes. The music piece should be composed (or orchestrated) for solo instrument and for symphony (or chamber) orchestra.
Contestants are obliged to perform the music pieces indicated in the application form.

Accepted applicants undertake to provide the scores and orchestra parts of the pieces (showing any possible cuts) to be performed at the III Round. Scores and parts shall be sent by e-mail or by post and shall arrive at the Organizing Committee by 20 October, 2011.

Section 5. Jury

The outcome of the Contest shall be decided by the Jury composed of famous musicians – composers, performers and teachers. A separate Jury shall be formed for each category – “Piano”, “Strings”, “Winds and percussions”. The Kultura TV Channel’s representative shall be present in the Jury of each category.
The I and the II Rounds should be conducted separately in each category. The III Round conducted as a concert performance shall be evaluated by the united Jury.

The Jury shall evaluate performances on the base of the following criteria:
• musicianship;
• virtuosity;
• sound quality.
No account shall be taken of age differences.

The Jury reserves the following rights:
• not to award all the prizes;
• share the prizes among the contestants;
• If one of the prizes is not awarded the quantity of other prizes can be increased within the category or this prize can be added to one of the other categories.
The decision of the Jury is final and shall not be subject to challenge or any review.

Section 6. Financial Conditions

Participation in the Contest is free of charge.
The Organizing Committee provides accommodation to each contestant and one accompanying person only for the participation period: from 1 November 2011 to the next day after the contestant’s elimination (till 12 p.m.).

The travel expenses shall be paid by contestants.

In case of a prior request the Organizing Committee can assist a contestant to book a hotel for additional accompanying persons.

Should the competitor choose to arrive earlier or remain after his/her participation in the Competition is over, accommodation and all other expenses will be his/her own responsibility.

In case of inability to pass to the next Round a contestant can stay in a hotel until the Contest ends at his own expense.

Section 7. Accompanists

Contestants are encouraged to bring their own accompanist at their own expenses. In case of necessity the Organizing Committee shall provide a contestant with accompanist at a prior request.

Section 8. Rehearsals

At a prior request contestants shall be provided with accompanists for two rehearsals and performances in the I and the II Rounds gratis.

Each Finalist shall have two rehearsals with the orchestra.

Section 9. Awards

All contestants shall receive a Diploma for their participation in the I Round as well as DVD with the recording of their performances.
All contestants accepted to the II Round shall receive a Diploma and trophies.
Finalists shall be honored to perform in the III Round the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.
All Finalists shall be entitled Prize-winners.
In each category the following prizes shall be awarded:
I Prize – Prize-winner Diploma “Gold Nutcracker”;
II Prize – Prize-winner Diploma “Silver Nutcracker”;
III Prize – Prize-winner Diploma “Bronze Nutcracker”.
The Jury can award the Contest Grand Prize to one of the 9 finalists.
The Prize-winners’ teachers and accompanists shall receive Contest Diplomas.

Kultura TV Channel attracts public, charity and commercial organizations as a partners and sponsors of the Contest, which can award additional prizes.

Section 10. TV programs and broadcastings

Kultura TV Channel covers the Contest process in special series of television programs:
• The Contest Opening Ceremony and Gala Concert – live broadcast;
• The II Round “Piano” category;
• The II Round “Strings” category;
• The II Round “Winds and percussions” category;
• The Final and Contest Award Ceremony – live broadcast.

Section 11. Rights

By taking part in the 12th Nutcracker International Television Contest for Young Musicians a contestant expresses agreement with the terms of the Regulations.

Kultura TV Channel holds the exclusive right to use the contestants’ performances in any form and without any restrictions as to time and territory including the right for separate using of the sound and video.

Kultura TV Channel reserves the exclusive right to dispose of performances in its discretion.